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Travel to Portugal – The Ultimate Portugal Travel Guide in 2023

WORLD TRAVELER Changing the country's status on the United Kingdom's green travel list from green to amber is a messy, dubious, and, at best, disturbing decision. It is an immediate inconvenience for UK travelers, who would have assumed that Portugal would be on the list longer. Moreover, the move was made in the clear blue sky without any warning. Despite this, the decision has...

Holidays in Portugal

A major tourist destination is the Algarve, a stretch of the Algarve coastline that is popular with holidaymakers. Portugal is also home to the spectacular beaches of the Algarve, which are one of the country's most popular beach areas. The country has a long history of tourism, and the architecture, dating back to the 1500s and 1800s, is worth exploring. Many of the cities...

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